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Basic Questions.

I believe this is better than to keep putting up journals each time to explain my self so here goes I HOPE this help me and others !


yes i do, in my forum only.

Q2: Goddess ? Queen? Mistress ?

please do not call me goddess or godly or god like period (unless its a mythological based roleplay in the forum which is fine), as for Queen and Mistress....i dont mind it much BUT i preferred to be called Lily or Lillian or even you really want to put me in a higher state Lady Lillian lol

Q3: Do you have a foot fetish ? Do you like GTS ?Ar you into Femdom ?

Yes i am, but im not going to go into details with this one just know that i do like all of the above, i also love Maledom, male giants and stuff like that where im actually tiny and submissive, but anymore details is personal.

Q4: how old are you? are you single ? ect...

i will no longer answer these questions its personal and i dont feel like saying it tot he whole world.

Q5: Have you dominated someone before ? trampled someone before ? ect...

one i trampled and stomped on someones face they are a family relative and i wont say more than that.

Q6: Do you take Requests ?

no i do not take any requests, first im not an artists so stop asking me that secondly no i will not take pictures of my feet, legs, ass for your pleasure so do not ask me to.

i do however commission a lot and have many ideas and stories, and i do commission many art with my friends in it, although i can commission art for people who i do not know IF they give me an idea or something that catches my interest ;P

Q7: Can I join the forum ? Can i join the Mythology project ?

yes you can just note me so we can discuss it.

Q8: i commented, noted, asked you something a long time ago you didnt answer ?!

i have massive amounts of comments and notes each day or every other day, it takes me a while to be free and get to your note or it may get lost, i never intentionally ignore someone, unless they left a douchy or rude or mean comments then dont blame me if i ignored you ;P

Also, i do realized some very young people watching me which is okay everyone is free to do as they please, however i do not RP sexually or get sexual with anyone under the age of 18 sorry darlings ;P

I CAN though RP with them something that has no sexual content in it.

that is all thanks ^_^

What's your fave theme of art would you love to see most ? i want to know for future reasons~ 

134 deviants said Feet Dom ( Normal size ) including trample
125 deviants said Feet Dom ( Giantess ) including crushing
66 deviants said Shrink ( includes butt crush feet crush ect )
47 deviants said Vore
45 deviants said Butt crush
45 deviants said Growth ( includes butt crush feet crush ect )
40 deviants said Torture ( entering the really dark things in life >.> )
6 deviants said other ? ( leave a comment for that...)


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Hello friends and brothers and sisters of humanity !

Please find below my two main OCs


Name: Luna 

Race: Cosmic entity ( fully explained with Lillian what is this race ~) 

Title: Holy Queen Luna, Maiden of Justice, the divine punishment, Lulu<----called by her close friends and sisters too~ 


Age: Existed before the universe. 

hight: size shifter she can be one inch tall or unlimited the size of multiple universes. 

Mortality: Absolute immortality

Abilities: Luna has four main abilities and strong points: 

Order: The power to control the orderly forces of the universe. Opposite force of Chaos Manipulation, She is able to manipulate order on a literal, symbolic, conceptual and physical level. she have ability to recognize, discern, envision and understand overt and/or underlying patterns and structure of anything physical, social, mental or natural and know their weaknesses, strengths and all other information and how to use them to reach the wanted goal. Atomic Vision (The ability to see the bonds between atoms) a focused form of this ability. Luna with this ability is able to turn even the most un-ordered situations into well organized and properly structured systems.

Luna's supreme voice: The power to create and command via her voice. A combination of Omniarch and Omnificence, also known as Almighty Voice. again just like Lillian using this voice can lead to Luna being very drained and very weak because it requires a huge amount of energy, plus she can not use it anytime and anywhere she wants, she needs to gather enough energy in order for her to do so. 

Luna can enforce the Laws of Physics maintaining the logics of the universe or world, she is giving this responbility by the Mother her self, so Luna tries to maintain logic and laws of existence from breaking which would cause the doom of all living things. 

Divine PunishmentThe power to punish a being for a specific reason,Luna can physically, mentally, or spiritually punish any being that is mortal or semi immortal for breaking the rules or the law and moral values. Luna can either banish, kill, or torment the victims with various forms of powers. When the law or rules are broken, Luna's power of punishment can be absolute and unrelenting, this power only applies to mortals and semi immortals only.


Power weaknesses : ( the powers that might or can effect her own powers and cancel it out are )

The Force of Chaos, Absolute Evil, the force of magic and Absolute strength ( while Luna and all her sisters the Queens posses supernatural strength of high levels, absolute strength is way above their level ), her tail is extremely sensitive, her toes are extremely sensitive, anti life virus

Mental weaknesses:

flirting, hugging, extreme desperate pleading ( believe it or not no matter how evil the soul is if it pleads hard enough she will forgive and wouldnt hurt them )


Name: Lillian ( self given )

Race: Cosmic entity ( not a Goddess or godly or divine, since her world there is only one true creator or god which is not her ) cosmic entities are beings possessing powers on a galactic, universal or even multiversal level, far beyond those of humans or conventional superheroes, and usually serving some natural function in the universes in which they exist.

 these beings in this category that are literally part of the universe, with their existence necessary to provide a certain function. Much like organs provide specific functions for the human body, these entities provide functions for the multiverse itself. There is no official (known) name for these beings, but they are often referred as cosmic entities or cosmic beings. Almost all of them embody some concept or fulfill some essential need. This need is so great that the universe itself cannot exist without them, in Lillian's case she is the embodiment of the forces of chaos and darkness in the multiverse. 

Title: Queen of Chaos and Darkness

Age: she existed before the current universe. 

hight: size shifter she can be one inch tall or unlimited the size of multiple universes. 

Mortality: Absolute immortality ( only God can take her life, no other force ) 

Abilities: Lillian has three main abilities and strong points.

1- control of all the chaotic forces in the multiverse, allowing her to manipulate probability or manipulate and even shatter reality. she has the potential to change, mutate, destroy or otherwise manipulate ANY matterspace/time, living beings, organizations or minds and spirits, however using this on a large scale will drain Lillian and can knock her out due to the immense energy it requires, and notice I said she has that potential since she is still evolving in regards of her ability by absorbing cosmic energies around the multiverse, but she isn't at the absolute level yet and might not even reach it. 

2-The power over Darkness and its forces including absolute darkness.

Lillian posses the leadership power to lead her younger sisters of the dark bloodline, it is her darkness that the other sisters thrive from and make their powers function perfectly.

Absolute darkness: The power to create a blanket of absolute darkness, Lillian is able to create a field of absolute impenetrable darkness that completely negates sight and may also dull or even completely negate the other senses, And finally the ability to command and rule over Dark entities and demonic forces along side her Dark sisters. 

3- Lillian's Omni slash sword: that took her millions of years to perfect and create using infinite multiverse energies, she is able to create a sword that potentially can slice through absolutely anything

The sword can cut through almost anything and everything,The attack can cut down opponents of any form, whether they be immortal or the hardest substance in existence. It can also reach every plane of existence, whether it be space and time or alternate and pocket dimensions.
This weapon also slashes through metaphysical concepts such as reality and illusion, allowing Lillian to either dispel and destroy illusions of any level or slit through the barrier between the two and allow imagination to become reality or vice versa. Dreams and memories can also be cut, allowing Lillian to escape from being trapped in nightmares and the mental world. 
however using the sword is not easy even for Lillian, since she is not god she can not handle this weapon for more than a period of time that isn't long, it drains from Lillian's life source and make her dizzy and weak fast but the outcome of her using this Sword is often devastating as even Lillian her self don not exactly know the limit of the weapon.
she only uses the Sword in specific situations when the weapon is needed. 


Weaknesses: Since Lillian is NOT a goddess or divine in anyway she has her limitations and weaknesses as follows.

1- logically opposing forces can cause Lillian issues such as absolute light or the cosmic forces of order, high level Holy powers of any type or form.

2- her limitations of her own power, while Lillian posses levels of powers beyond human imagination she is still limited and using her giving gift of abilities such as her sword or forces of absolute chaos on a large scale can drain her immensely and make tired. 

3- Other unlimited forces such as Omni defense, absolute strength etc... 

thanks for reading ^_^ 


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Queen Lillian.
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United Arab Emirates
Hello Lovelies,

My name is Queen Lillian, my friends call me Lil or Lilly.
I love Domination of all Types I love to humiliate and degrade and snuff people in fantasy of course, but behind this dark queen is a gentle loving person who adores her friends and family ~

I am religious and spiritual, I love reading books in my free time ( mythology, science philosophy ), I love watching movies and anime with friends and family ^_^ and I love doing crazy project and work with people and just have fun !!

nice to meet you all :heart:


Wiggles them toes ~

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